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Love/Hate Relationship

Love/Hate Relationship

I was recently asked, as part of an application form, to write 80 words on what I hate about theatre. Unexpectedly, I found myself having far more to cram in than with regards my loves. I thought I’d pop the text down here: partly, because I quite enjoyed writing it; partly, because somehow it serves as a useful introduction to everything that surrounds it on this blog and partly, because I’d be interested to see what others will come up with in response to the same question.

What do you hate about theatre?

I hate theatre that neglects form for content; theatre that places too much emphasis on cause and effect, believing audience reactions to be universal, mechanical and, therefore, predictable; theatre that assumes us blind to its cracks and shortcuts; theatre that wishes it were television; theatre that forgets that fiction only exists as created by the imagination and investment of the individual spectator. Essentially, I hate theatre that gives itself too much credit and treats its audience without due consideration or respect.

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