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Review: The Power of Love, Courtyard Theatre

Review: The Power of Love, Courtyard Theatre

Published in Time Out, 31.03.2010

William Shakespeare, John Lennon, Jesus Christ, Richard Curtis – can you hear me, Richard Curtis? Your poetic notions of love took one hell of a beating courtesy of Tony J Williams’s bungled sci-fi rom-com.

Williams uses a regenerated clone incapable of understanding emotions, let alone feeling them, in order to proffer a string of clunky profundities about the ineffable nature of love with all the credibility of a sex-ed video. His characters speak in hackneyed proverbs, covering identity, the gender gap, euthanasia and the essence of religious faith without achieving anything remotely insightful. Add the sort of pseudo-scientific hokum that not even the most gullible technophobe could swallow and the result is insufferably vacuous.

Not to be outdone, Ilmar Taska directs as if choreographing a Benny Hill chase sequence, casually tossing in the odd moment of half-hearted physical theatre for good measure. Christoph Dostal is unswervingly monotonous as the robotic Matt, which leads Anna Winslet into over-compensation and drove me to dreams of the sweet numbness of automata.

Photograph: Dominic Old


  1. I have seen this comedy and there was a standing ovation at the end!It's really funny and different from boring usual things. How different people can see the same thing.

  2. I agree with the above. This comedy was a delight. truly refreshing, it was a fantastic way to spend 2 hours. The acting was meant to be free from emotion from the main male charachter and this would naturally result in overcompensation of emotions from Isabel. For this reason I believe the acting was an acurate depiction. Anna is a stunning, congruent actress who oozes charisma. I also thoroughly enjoyed the young female scientist.

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