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This Is Tomorrow

This Is Tomorrow

This is Tomorrow is a project led by Warwick Arts Centre and China Plate that takes five artists into Warwick University. The artists meet between forty and fifty academics across five departments, in the hope that the collision might spark something in the artist. Crucially, the artist is under no obligation to create something off the back of the week.This year’s event is the second and I’ve been invited along to join the group and document the process.

Artists involved: Alecky Blythe, Chris Goode, Charlotte Vincent, Robin Rimbaud AKA Scanner and Michelle Browne

Here’s a round-up blog written for Guardian Culture Pros.

Below, you can find links to the five days.

DAY ONE: Physics – A baptism of plasma
Academics: Prof. Sandra Chapman, David Stainforth, Prof. George Rowlands, Prof. Mark G. Dowsett, Prof. Richard Dendy, Prof. Matthew Turner

DAY TWO: Manufacturing – Made by the market
Academics: Prof. Paul Jennings, Prof. Christopher James, Prof. Irene Ng, Dr. Jamie Mackrill

DAY THREE: Economics – The allocation of finite resources
Academics: Prof. Abinhay Muthoo, Prof. Mark Harrison, Dr. Thijs van Rens, Dr. Rocco Macchiavello, Dr. Robert Akerlof, Prof. Kimberley Scharf, Dr. Daniel Sgroi, Dr. Michael McMahon, Prof. Robin Naylor

DAY FOUR: Sociology – Ethnographic criticism?
Academics: Dr. Carol Wolkowitz, Prof. Nickie Charles, Dr. Karen Throsby, Dr. Cath Lambert

DAY FIVE: MATHS – Back to the blackboard
Academics: Prof. Colin Sparrow, Prof. Robert MacKay, Dr. Saul Schleimer 

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