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Vlog: Criticism as a Team Sport

Vlog: Criticism as a Team Sport

So. This is the first in an irregular sequence of vlogs. Think of it as Fag Packet Corner; the basic idea being that it’ll cover topics worth glancing off rather than picking apart and it’s much quicker – though also much more awkward – to talk to a laptop than to tap away at it. Being totally honest, the thinking is if it’s good enough for Mark Kermode, it’s good enough for me – but it fits into ideas about reframing the critic for an online space and criticism as a 24/7, all-round activity, rather than a single act.

As for the topic, it jumps off from last Friday’s Critics’ Circle Centenary Conference. You can listen to the Future of Criticism discussion, in which I sat alongside Lyn Gardner, Michael Coveney and Kerry Michael, on the brilliant Theatre Voice website here.

Hopefully, my camera technique will improve. I’ll  try and come up with a way of stopping too, yeah?

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